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Your Part-Time Job Can Lead To A Full-Time Job

Many students hold part-time jobs while they are in college. For some, the part-time job is a financial necessity. For others, their job is an opportunity to gain some career-related work experience. In both cases, students should understand that these early opportunities can lead to full-time jobs.Employers that hire part-time employees also hire full-time employees. Therefore, students with part-time jobs should keep several facts in mind:1. Part-time jobs offer students the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities, work ethic and problem-solving skills. Since every employer wants to learn about these things, part-time jobs give students the opportunity to demonstrate their strongest jobs skills and impress their employer.2. If the part-time job is with an employer in a student’s field of interest, the employer is evaluating their performance and potential for a full-time job. Students who do their best to impress the employer will greatly enhance their chances for a job offer when they graduate.3. Part-time employment can offer students the opportunity to to develop and practice the skills required for similar jobs. Most employers would prefer to hire candidates who have previously demonstrated the skills and ability to perform the job.4. Nearly every job can benefit from a bit of creativity. Part-time jobs provide opportunities to show a student’s creative side. Employers love students who can demonstrate some creativity. As students go to work each day, they can show the boss that they can overcome obstacles on their own and get things done by using their creativity.5. Part-time employment gives students the opportunity to build and add to their list of accomplishments, successes and positive results. Grades are important. However, employers hire students who clearly present their achievements on their resumés and during interviews. They are particularly impressed by on-the-job achievements.6. Positive and enthusiastic references from part-time jobs can help someone land a full-time job. When students do a bang up job for the employer and are well-liked, it is highly likely that the employer will happily give them a glowing reference and recommendation. That will make them stand out from most other candidates.7. PT jobs provide students with opportunities to learn about the business. Many executives started at the bottom, learned the business, demonstrated their interest and capabilities and then went on to greater and greater responsibility within the organization. Students today can do the same thing.Part-time jobs tend to be what you make of them. Therefore, wise students settle into a job that can benefit them in more than one way. They work hard, do whatever is required, build relationships, present a positive attitude and go the extra mile when called upon. When students show employers that they appreciate their jobs and want their employers to be more successful, many employers will respond with job offers for full-time positions.

Ten Steps To Master A Job Interview

Now listen, before you read this it’s important to understand that I personally am not a fan of having a job or being an employee….never have been.At nearly every job I’ve ever had, I spent most of my time and energy figuring out how I could get more of what was important to me done rather than what I should have been doing as part of my daily duties.When I was really young, that was sleep. I was always out late partying so I would devise a plan to get at least an hour or maybe even two of nap time in at work.As I got older and began leveraging the only 2 talents I ever had (selling and writing) the days that were supposed to spent getting projects done were spent writing sales copy for Internet marketers until of course I got to the point where I didn’t need a job anymore.My point is this. I’ve never liked working for someone else. But that’s just me and it’s really a whole other topic which I’ll write about at some other time. The reason why I decided to publish this is because I realize that for many people, jobs are very important and valuable. Now even though I was always a lousy employee, I did manage to land a job almost every single time I went on an interview.So I figured I’d share the things that I did that I know for a fact will dramatically increase your odds of getting a job; so here we go.1.)    Search online using a trusted site like Monster or Career Builder but NEVER apply through them. Instead, search for a contact e-mail address and send a personal e-mail. If that’s not an option, pick up the phone and ask to speak to the head of HR. Applying through these websites consists of filling out a form that will be sent to the same contact person only it will be sent with everyone else who applied; meaning you’re just another number.  Part of getting what you want is beating the odds and separating yourself from the rest.2.)    Don’t let the application scare you. If you come across an application which states that the job has requirements (availability times, work experience, etc.) that you don’t think you can fill, apply and go on the interview anyway. Everything is negotiable and subject to change….or at least there’s a chance that it is. I can’t tell you how many times I saw a requirement on an application that I knew I couldn’t pull off but I either charmed the pants of the person interviewing me, made them bend or I figured it out once I got the job.3.)    Google the company and find out as much info as humanly possible before the interview. Check out the link that says corporate structure or investor relations if they have one and find out the names of the officers in the company. If they are a public company, read the statements of the COO, CEO, President or Chairman when they reported their last quarter earnings. You can also check out their mission statement but hearing what an officer in the company has to say will give you a better indication of what direction they plan moving in the near future.  Be sure to make it clear that you are onboard and in alignment with the company’s vision and objectives.4.)    Google the name of the person that is interviewing you. Check out their company profile or Facebook page (if applicable) and find out exactly who you’re going to be dealing with. See what their interests are, how long they’ve been with the company, if they have children, where they live, what sports teams they like, etc. These are all things you can use to create rapport with them during the interview.5.)    This one is just for guys. Since I’m not a woman, I can’t really make any suggestions on this topic without sounding sexist. Buy a new suit or borrow one if you don’t have one. It makes all the difference. Navy blue is your best bet because it’s pretty versatile. You can wear it on an interview, to a meeting, a wedding and even funeral (if you really had to). Wear a white shirt and shoot for a tie that has a little bit of red in it somewhere. Statistics show that this color combination makes people appear more credible in the eyes of others than any other. Make sure your shirt fits you and that the color is not too lose or the sleeves are too long. Little inconsistencies like this make you appear as though you don’t pay attention to detail. Always wear a pair of shoes that are in good condition (even if they are cheap).6.)    Give yourself enough time to get there plus an hour. Invest the few minutes you have (because you arrived early) in getting to know the receptionist and/or anyone else that may be at the front desk. If you’re able to connect with them on some level, they’ll tell the person that you’re interviewing that they like you when that person shows you to the door. Social validation is always great. If you wind up getting there too, too early, go get a cup of coffee or feed the pigeons. NEVER under any circumstances, take the slightest risk of being late. Things happen……trains get stuck, buses stall, traffic jams up….at the end of the day no one cares. You’ll always be remembered as the person who showed up late for an interview.7.)    Give a firm handshake and do not sit until the other person does. Once the process begins, always look in their eyes and never shy away. This sends a message that you are both confident and truthful.8.)    Make sure you know your resume inside out and be prepared to answer questions about it like why your average time length at each job was less than 2 years for example. Be prepared also  to present your case in 5 different ways. Chances are the person interviewing you falls into one of five categories when it comes to the way they make decisions. Click here learn about them.9.)    Ask them how they got to be where they are in the company. People love to hear themselves talk. The more they share with you, the greater your odds of being liked. Every time someone shares something about themselves with you, they subconsciously become vested in thinking you are trustworthy, genuine and someone they would like to have more dialogue with.10.) Send an e-mail within 2 hours after the interview has finished thanking the person for their time and stating that you look forward to coming onboard.  Waiting any longer gets risky because that one e-mail could strike the final cord needed for you to get  the job but if someone else – who interviews better – gets there before you send your e-mail, you could be in trouble. This list is by no means the end to all when it comes to getting a job and I left out most of the stuff that in my opinion is just common sense like having references available or being able to articulate how you perform certain job related tasks. This was more or less stuff that you may not have necessarily given a second thought to.

Jobs In The Medical Field – Are They Really Set To Explode?

Experts agree (which is a rare thing) that jobs in the medical field are set to explode over the next 2 to 7 years and should continue in a good growth pattern for as much as the next two decades.This is absolutely huge news if you’re looking to get into a medical career such as Nurse, Surgeon, Chiropractor, General Practice Medical Doctor or any of the other niches that jobs in the medical field offer.The thing to really understand is what’s driving this huge swell of opportunity right now. If you’re looking at a medical career choice then you would obviously like to know what it is that’s impacting your potential livelihood. What is it that’s causing this massive job shift in the U.S.?Well, it’s the same thing that’s causing all the health care debate and got the Government all in a tizzy with what to do about it and how to pay for it.The answer is the Baby Boomers are retiring!The Baby Boomers were and are the single largest population boom to ever hit out country hence the name Baby ‘Boomers’. When they were being born it was a fantastic time to be selling diapers, strollers, car seats and anything else associated with infants.When they started school we had to build more schools at a frantic pace. When they started to drive they fueled the American obsession with cars like Corvette, 1957 Chevy’s, Muscle cars and more.When they entered the workplace we went through an amazing economic growth from all of their incomes being spent. The housing market was bursting at the seams because they were starting families and settling down.Now as that generation that exploded onto the scene begins to retire it will create massive opportunity for nearly all jobs in the medical field and a huge headache for congress to figure out how to cover all of them.This is precisely what’s causing all the challenges with the healthcare debates. There are literally too many Baby Boomers that will need medical care as they retire and age to pay for it with current medical spending practices.However, this is what also gives you your amazing opportunity.It’s super easy to see that since they will create a huge swell in medical service needs that there will be a huge swell in medical personal needs to accommodate them and that’s precisely where you come in.The hiring for jobs in the medical fields has already begun to climb, but that only a fraction of what is expected over the next 2 to 7 years with continued growth and steady hiring over the next 20 plus years.Getting into this exploding career now is a great way to ensure that you’ll have unreal job security while many other American economic sectors slide and continue to lay people off. You’ll end up with a long career and great retirement when retirement for many will just become a dream that they never realize.Are Jobs In The Medical Field exploding? Yes they are and it’s a trend that’s not going to slow down anytime soon.