Your Part-Time Job Can Lead To A Full-Time Job

Many students hold part-time jobs while they are in college. For some, the part-time job is a financial necessity. For others, their job is an opportunity to gain some career-related work experience. In both cases, students should understand that these early opportunities can lead to full-time jobs.Employers that hire part-time employees also hire full-time employees. Therefore, students with part-time jobs should keep several facts in mind:1. Part-time jobs offer students the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities, work ethic and problem-solving skills. Since every employer wants to learn about these things, part-time jobs give students the opportunity to demonstrate their strongest jobs skills and impress their employer.2. If the part-time job is with an employer in a student’s field of interest, the employer is evaluating their performance and potential for a full-time job. Students who do their best to impress the employer will greatly enhance their chances for a job offer when they graduate.3. Part-time employment can offer students the opportunity to to develop and practice the skills required for similar jobs. Most employers would prefer to hire candidates who have previously demonstrated the skills and ability to perform the job.4. Nearly every job can benefit from a bit of creativity. Part-time jobs provide opportunities to show a student’s creative side. Employers love students who can demonstrate some creativity. As students go to work each day, they can show the boss that they can overcome obstacles on their own and get things done by using their creativity.5. Part-time employment gives students the opportunity to build and add to their list of accomplishments, successes and positive results. Grades are important. However, employers hire students who clearly present their achievements on their resumés and during interviews. They are particularly impressed by on-the-job achievements.6. Positive and enthusiastic references from part-time jobs can help someone land a full-time job. When students do a bang up job for the employer and are well-liked, it is highly likely that the employer will happily give them a glowing reference and recommendation. That will make them stand out from most other candidates.7. PT jobs provide students with opportunities to learn about the business. Many executives started at the bottom, learned the business, demonstrated their interest and capabilities and then went on to greater and greater responsibility within the organization. Students today can do the same thing.Part-time jobs tend to be what you make of them. Therefore, wise students settle into a job that can benefit them in more than one way. They work hard, do whatever is required, build relationships, present a positive attitude and go the extra mile when called upon. When students show employers that they appreciate their jobs and want their employers to be more successful, many employers will respond with job offers for full-time positions.

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